Dunne Security provides a range of Security Solutions to assist customers in obtaining the most from their Security Systems.


 Pre Sales

All our Systems are tailored to suit your specific needs. Dunne Security will provide on-site assistance in determining the best solutions and requirements for you.

 Post Sales

 We offer a technical support service with all our systems. Assistance can be obtained via e-mail, telephone or, if required, onsite support can be arranged .Talk to our sales team about available packages

 Updates & Upgrades      

 For customers who subscribe to our Post-Sales Support Service, version upgrades and new releases and included free of charge.

Statutory License

 Dunne Security Ltd is licensed by the Private Security Authority to install Intruder Alarm Systems.

             From August 1st 2006 it is a statutory offence for a contractor to install, maintain or service an Intruder Alarm System without a license. It is also an offence for any person or company to contract an unlicensed Intruder Alarm Installer to install maintain or service an Intruder Alarm System. The fine for this offence is € 3000 or twelve months imprisonment.

 Insurance & Tax Compliance

 Dunne Security Ltd has full Public & Product Liability Cover and is VAT registered, C2 registered, and fully tax compliant.


 Lic. No.IAS-1071

 T +353 (0)1 2852337   E  dunnesecurity@gmail.com  24Hr 086 8549898   W  www.dunnesecurity.com


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